A successful timepiece requires a combination of two factors: emotion and technique. Devoid of emotion, a watch is a mere product: without technique it’s nothing more than a marketing concept. Only when these two aspects come together can an artefact with distinctive stature emerge.

The watchmaker Romain Mussato is driven by a passion for mechanics, it was this same love of all things mechanical that led him to borrow some of his technologies from the world of motor racing. It’s obvious with the use of lugs with jacks on the ASSET 2.1 Collection. MW&Co is an independent watch company sharing its own vision of horology.


Our inspiration

Dampers – jack lugs
Radiator front grill – see through dial
Exhaust case – ring surrounding the case

MADE IN FRANCE : an MW&Co requirement

The emotion exuded by the ASSET collection derives from its local roots.

As an independent French company, MW&Co aims to champion the values and colours of French industry. It is indeed in France, that MW&Co spotted the machining and shaping skills needed to bring its first horological creation to life.


  • 88% of the production cost in France
  • 105 tailored components for the case
  • 14 tailored components per “damper” lug
  • 20 pieces in limited edition
  • 1 unique architecture


These jack lugs have been dubbed dampers, named after the shock absorbers on track field machines which directly inspired them. These are designed to ensure the rider enjoys perfect roadholding, just as the ASSET’s dampers are designed to provide unprecedented comfort for the wrist. They combine firmness and flexibility, exactly like racing shock absorbers.


The ASSET’s architecture also forms the cornerstone of the future customisation available to MW&Co owners willing to have an even more unique timepiece. As all ASSETS are hand-assembled, piece by piece, by the firm’s own watchmaker, it will be possible to choose between different colors, treatments and finishes.

What was invented belongs to the past, only innovations are worthy of interest

- Ettore Bugatti