Warranty and maintenance


Your MW&Co watch is unique, its complex assembly, its grade 5 titanium components and the jack lug Damper system, certify it. This watch is hand assembled by the firm’s own watchmaker. Like every fine creation, it needs to be cared and serviced to ensure its long running life.


When produced each MW&Co ASSET 2.1, is accompanied by a unique stamped authenticity and warranty card.

This document allows you to benefit from the two year warranty which starts on delivery day and is afforded to MW&Co’s customers . We highly recommand to keep it safe. Only watches accompanied with genuine warranty document can be serviced under warranty conditions.


If you are wearing your MW&Co watch regularly, we advise having the watch serviced every 3 years, in order to have it oiled and to have its water resistance checked

MW&Co is aiming to add its story to the great saga of French watchmaking and we're happy to be sharing the first chapter with you

- Romain Mussato, Fondateur