Two years of research and development were necessary to develop the first ASSET model
After the first sketches were drawn, feasibility study was conducted.

In the meantime, the best partners in the hexagon were identified and selected
Then the prototyping stage and many tests were performed in house in our workshop.

Such as 3D printing and machining on turning machine. Realistic 3D and production launch end this long process.


Damper stroke

Newtons that represents the compressive strength of the spring

Number of parts by damper


Building such a case requires:
  • A complex machining process
  • Hand finishing
  • Tight quality control
  • Extremely long machine programing time
  • 70 different machining operations per watch
  • 40h of machining per watch
  • 23 tailored parts machined in titanium and steel
  • Not to mention the 50 tailored screws per watch
  • 4h30 of hand polishing on every sapphire tube
  • 17 suppliers are involved in the process, 11 are French

For machining the lugs in the solid material, an unprecedented high level manufacturing process has been reached, a specific tool has been developed for their finishing.
To obtain a perfect surface finish, each lug is hand finished during 45mn (under Mantis microscope).

It is the same challenge for the bodies, machined in the solid material as well, the shape of this part requires a real technical prowess.

To obtain a perfect surface finish, each body is hand finished during 20mn (under binocular microscope).

The watch box is tailor made as well, it is machined by a local partner (supplier in the aerospace industry).

The box’s design is inspired by the ASSET’s crown shape. The exclusive ASSET strap is entirely handmade, 2 titanium inserts are located underneath.

MW&Co’s identity relies on an unprecedented avant garde powerful design. Assembling highly technical exceptional parts is necessary.


Every ASSET requires the assembly of 105 components. The entire assembly is done in house in our atelier.

Our watchmaker devotes a full day to assemble one watch. Watches are then being tested during 3 weeks.

Made in France design, machining and assembly to reach French excellence.

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